Optimat KDN 350C



BRANDT Optimat KDN 350 C

  • Single-sided edge banding machine in a right to work on the performance of the adhesive melt.
  • Fining of the work on the glue melt granules. Refining granular melt polyurethane adhesive can be subject always to the requirements and recommendations of the adhesive manufacturers.
  • The stock is under the adhesive glue roller.
  • Application of adhesive to the workpiece by an adhesive roller, rotating in the direction of or against the feeding direction and does not require the thickness of the workpiece. Electronic control of the temperature in the glue tank, with automatic temperature reduction in the adhesive tank when you stop working.
  • Contact heating shoe for preheating the edge of the workpiece.
  • Auto shop for roll and strip banding material, incl. a device for cutting a roll to roll and plate edge material with a diameter of 800 mm.
  • Zone pressing the main pressure roller with a pneumatic actuator and booster roller without drive.
  • Central adjustment mechanism of the upper clamp and central manual lubrication of the chain conveyor.
  • The remote control input into the machine.


BRANDT management system with a color graphical user interface services for simple and convenient programming and maintenance.
Technical features:

  • A rotary control inlet machine
  • Membrane keyboard with increased service life
  • Flat screen with color graphics
  • Industrial PC with a compact flash drive as a storage device
  • Function keys for units with LED status indicators
  • Support for the management of the operator with a colored icon
  • Switch to online mode for various foreign languages
  • The most important indicator of true and given state machine
  • An indication of the status of live text
  • A simple choice and change the waypoints
  • The ability to easily move the axes (with the appropriate tooling aggregate)
  • Assistance in the online mode live text by the calling window at any time
  • Analysis of production data to track time, the length of the edge and the number of blanks in the form of daily and common values
  • Indication of the time intervals of maintenance and inspection
  • The ability to save processing programs
  • The ability to save processing software on a floppy disk
  • Electrical equipment module control system to simplify the service.

Trimming UNIT chamfer / STRAIGHT

  • Facing to the front and rear overhangs the edge of the material with the pull miter rezom for high precision.
  • The angle of inclination of 0 – 15 degrees, the motor 2 0.18 kW, 200 Hz, 12 000 rev / min. Equipped with 2 crosscut saws with a diameter of 100 x 32 x 2.6 mm, Z = 30.
  • MILLING UNIT 2 x 0,27 KW, 0 – 15 degrees.
  • for cutting the upper and lower edge overhangs the material against the feed direction. 2 motors are arranged one after the other, with vertical and horizontal feeling. Rearrange the upper motor adjustment mechanism of the upper clamp. Digital signage for rapid reshuffle.
  • The thickness of the edging material max. 3 mm
    Workpiece thickness 8 – 50 mm
    The angle of inclination of 0 – 15 degrees
    Standard equipment two combined cutters with interchangeable plates diameter 56/50 x 12 x 16 mm, Z = 4, R = 3.

SWAP trimming unit PNEUMATIC REMOVAL overhang by 2 positions
UNIT profile milling the top and bottom edges of the front milling parts “post-reformer” and rounded corners on thick PVC edge. Edging of solid wood is possible only under certain conditions after preliminary tests. Limitations in machining “and post Softforming” hollow middle layer, and the processing extremely fine melamine edging material and a film, and in the presence of a thin lining material for the formation.

  • 1 0.35 kW motor, 200 Hz, 12 000 rev / min.
  • Edge thickness max. 3 mm (radius)
  • Workpiece thickness max. 40 mm
  • Standard equipment radius cutter r = 3 mm.

Scraping UNIT

  • The feeling of the top, bottom and side. For chamfering or pre-milled PVC edges. The maximum thickness of 3 mm edging material. Rearrange the upper unit to the height of the upper clamping mechanism. 2 Includes profiled knife R = 3 mm.


  • With buffing unit 2 motors 0.09 KW to soften the edges of the top and bottom. 2 motors suspended individually adjustable for height and reach. Rearrange the upper motor adjustment mechanism of the upper clamp.
  • 2 Moulton polishing disc 150 x 20 mm.
  • Retractable workpiece support.
  • Permissible ambient temperature: min. 5 / max. 35 degrees Celsius.
  • When the voltage fluctuations in the network of more than / – 10% on site, you must install a voltage stabilizer.



  • Workpiece thickness: 8 – 50 mm
  • Thickness of edging material:
  • strip material is 0.4 x 3.0 mm (max. 3 x 55 mm)
  • rolled material of 0.4 x 3.0 mm (max. 3 mm x 30/1 x 55 mm)
  • Feed Rate: 11 m / min
  • Electricity: 400 V – 3 phases – 50 Hz
  • Pneumatic: 6 bar
  • Total power consumption: 5.5 kW
  • The total length of the machine: 3.800 mm
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