OTT Tornado Top


Technical Data

  • for precise processing from coiled material to solid lippings
  • for edge dimensions up to  55 x 12 mm or 65 x 2 mm
  • Machine length: 6,2 m
  • With very efficient 15 inch Beckhoff control



  • Premilling unit
  • AKM Automatic edge magazine
  • CombiMelt glueing system more info: CombiMelt
  • Double end trim
  • Trimming combination consisting of rough and fine trim
  • Radius scraping unit
  • Corner rounding Kfa
  • Additionally there are different possibilities for the ‘finish’ treatment
    (Flat scraping unit, Buffin unit, Spray mist devices and more)
  • It is possible to include a grooving unit (backside or front grooving)



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